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Shandong jinshi has more than 20 professional and technical r&d designers, which can quickly and timely provide users with advanced design of various thermal insulation products and free on-site technical services.
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Shandong jinshi thermal insulation products are all made of high quality raw materials, determined not to use recycled materials, raw materials, secondary materials, 100% guaranteed product quality performance.
Jinshi company provides one-stop solution for high temperature furnace industries such as steel, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, machinery, manufacturing, ceramic building materials, aviation, aerospace, etc.
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High-temperature metal and stone with the United States imported intelligent BW - Ⅱ ceramic fiber blanket production line 2, CBC - Ⅱ ceramic fiber double needle to jilt silk rug production line 6, ceramic fiber paper production line 1, ceramic fiber board 1 wet production lines, nissan up to 160 tons.
JinShi production standard (STD), high purity (HP), high aluminum (HA), zirconium (ZA) nano-microporous insulation, nano-thermal insulation board, nano insulation board, fiber module, fiber paper.
Can provide 600 ° C to 2200 ° C temperature range of all kinds of ceramic fiber products, consulting, design, and construction services.
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3. Introduce the application of product performance.
4. Technical consultant to guide the construction of kiln plan and technical problems.
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The product that the user chooses, through the technical personnel careful guidance, strives for the client to master the construction method quickly.
1. Technical personnel on site to guide installation and commissioning.
2. Quality control, production management system.
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It is the primary guarantee for the sustainable development of enterprises, and shandong jinshi high temperature co., ltd. establishes the user's original files.
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Focus on absorbing the latest industry information, and promote the application of new technology, new materials and new technology to share scientific and technological achievements and market resources.
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Jinshi company, heat insulation products effect is good, service in place
Jinshi company, heat insulation products effect is good, service in place
Our company's thermal insulation products are Jinshi company provides, they have been providing us with thermal insulation solutions, stone company is very professional, and thermal insulation products are very complete, after-sales service is very good, thank you for your cooperation and Jinshi company.
Jinshi company is really good, insulation products are guaranteed
Jinshi company is really good, insulation products are guaranteed
Jinshi high temperature material is really good, the product is guaranteed, at first we just use a little your company's nano heat insulation board, heat insulation effect is very good, now the second phase of the factory kiln heat insulation materials are purchased Jinshi heat insulation materials, at the same time stone also give free technical guidance, service is in place, is a good partner!
Jinshi refractory insulation products, price honest, sales leading
Jinshi refractory insulation products, price honest, sales leading
We are a nano thermal insulation dealer, distribution of various types of nano thermal insulation products has been more than a year, during this period, stone company gave me a lot of support and help, this let me operate thermal insulation from the material for more than a year, has been leading sales, is currently one of the fastest selling varieties in our store, hope stone company can bring us more good quality nano thermal insulation products.
Choose Jinshi, we rest assured
Choose Jinshi, we rest assured
In visited a number of production of nano thermal insulation panel enterprises, finally we chose the stone, because only stone can really consider for us, to produce high quality products, choose stone, we rest assured.
Shandong jinshi high temperature material co. LTD.
Shandong stone high temperature material co., LTD., founded in 1990, is the first domestic professional ceramic fiber products manufacturing enterprises, the company is located in China's refractories industry association and China building materials science research institute cooperation of refractory industry base construction...
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Nano Aerogel Insulation Felt is known as
Nano aerogel insulation felt as a new type of thermal insulation products have been unknowingly into various industries. When mentioned nano aerogel insulation felt, we can understand the nano aerogel insulation felt and aerogel has inevitable connection through this name. Yes, its main material is si02 aerogel, in aerogel, and si02 aerogel as the main research object, si02 aerogel has the advantages of low volume density, low thermal conductivity, etc., currently in the field of energy-saving buildings, steel, aerospace and petrochemical industry, known as " magic material"....
Comparison of thermal insulation effect of nano aerogel thermal insulation felt and other thermal insulation materials in petroleum pipeline
According to the specific operation conditions of the pipeline and the temperature record data in summer in the area, the site conditions are set as 813 mm outside diameter, 16 mm wall thickness, oil temperature of - 10 ℃, ambient temperature of 35 ℃ ( the highest temperature in summer in the area for nearly two years ). The length of the pipeline is 1 m for calculation, and the wind speed of the outer wall of the pipeline is 2 m / S. According to the common insulation materials of pipeline, three insulation schemes are given. scheme 1 uses 10 mm nano aerogel insulation felt to coat the pipeline. In scheme 2, 25 mm insulation rubber and plastic is adopted to coat the pipeline; In scheme 3, 17 mm polyurethane foam insulation material was used to coat the pipeline, and the thickness of 25 mm and 17 mm were recommended values of insulation rubber and polyurethane foam insulation material under the temperature difference. the three schemes were combined with bare pipe to form four working conditions, and the insulation performance was compared and analyzed....
The nano aerogel thermal insulation felt has good thermal insulation performance, superhydrophobic property, long service life, compression resistance and easy installation and maintenance
Nano aerogel thermal insulation felt is a new type of thermal insulation material, which is mainly made of nano aerogel. This material is a kind of nano porous solid material with network structure, which is composed of colloidal particles or polymer molecules accumulated together. the pore size in this material is in the order of nanometers. The porosity of that material is as high as 80 % - 99.8 %, the typical size of the hole is 1 - 100 nm, the density can be as low as 3 kg / m3, the thermal conductivity at room temperature can be as low as 0.012 w / ( m k ), the thermal insulation performance is good, and the material has the characteristic of superhydrophobic property, long service life, compression resistance, easy installation and maintenance and the like....
Why not many manufacturers of nano aerogel insulation felt on the market?
The nano aerogel thermal insulation felt is refer to as aerogel felt for short,which is a flexible thermal insulation felt which takes nano silica aerogel as a main material and is compounded with glass fiber cotton or preoxidized fiber felt through a special process. Nano aerogel insulation felt is the lowest thermal conductivity solid insulation material in the temperature region of about 400 ℃ at present ( the thermal conductivity in the high temperature region of 400 - 1000 ℃ is much higher than the micro-nano insulation series ), which has the characteristics of softness, easy cutting, small density, inorganic fire prevention, overall hydrophobic, green environmental protection and the like, and can replace the traditional flexible insulation materials such as glass fiber products, asbestos insulation felt, silicate fiber products and the like which are not environment-friendly and have poor thermal insulation performance. The nano aerogel insulation felts sold on the market are blocky, of course, can be made into any desired shape according to the needs of customers. Although the nano aerogel thermal insulation felt is not added much aerogel, but does not affect its use effect, although the thermal insulation effect of nano aerogel thermal insulation felt is very good, but it is not popular in the market, the reason is not popular still need to start with nano silica aerogel, this paper first introduce the preparation process of nano silica aerogel....
Characteristics and preparation process of nano aerogel insulation felt
With the increasing shortage of energy and rising energy prices, energy conservation and consumption reduction is imperative. The traditional thermal insulation materials can not meet the increasing heat insulation requirements. in 2006, nano aerogel thermal insulation felt was developed in China, which can effectively limit the heat convection in the gas phase. In addition, its solid phase thermal conductivity is very small because its solid phase part is also a network structure formed by nanoscale SiO _ 2 wall shell. Therefore, the structure of the material determines its super thermal insulation performance, especially at high temperature, such as the average temperature of 500 degrees, aluminum silicate fiber thermal conductivity of 0.153 w / m k, and nano aerogel thermal insulation felt thermal conductivity of only 0.05 w / m K....
Can nano heat shields be used on ships and vessels and how?
The appearance of nano thermal insulation panels has attracted the attention of military industry and other high-tech fields. Nasa, for example, has used the material for thermal insulation in space applications. In the past, organic foam materials and inorganic mineral fiber products were the main application of marine thermal insulation materials, but these materials had some defects such as flammability, temperature resistance and toxicity of organic foam, which inhibited its application. But the traditional inorganic mineral wool product has poor heat insulation performance, so its heat insulation efficiency is low. So the u s naval research laboratory has been doing research to improve the thermal insulation materials for ships. The results show that min - k light shielding material ( a brand of nano heat insulation board ), organic poly ( aryl oxy - phosphazene ) foam and polyimide foam are the most promising heat insulation materials for ships, among which the performance of min - k material is the best. At present, in foreign shipping industry, nano heat insulation board is mainly used in naval ships and other high-grade ships....
The application effect of the nano heat insulation board on the industrial furnace is remarkable, and the universality is strong
At present, China has a total of about 120,000 industrial furnaces, the annual total energy consumption of 250 million tons of standard coal, accounting for about a quarter of the total energy consumption of the country, accounting for 60 % of the total energy consumption of industry. Therefore, the energy conservation of industrial furnaces has great potential. The energy-saving technology of heat insulation materials developed rapidly in recent ten years has attracted much attention because of its remarkable energy-saving benefits and attractive development prospect. The data of many countries show that the new high-efficiency heat insulation materials can save 15 % ~ 30 % energy in industrial furnaces instead of the traditional heat insulation refractory bricks. For the heat storage and heat dissipation of industrial furnace lining, generally accounts for 20 % ~ 45 % of the total energy consumption of the furnace. the selection of high quality, energy-saving refractory material can reduce the heat storage and heat dissipation loss of the furnace body, improve the thermal efficiency, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving....
What is the effect of using nano thermal insulation panels in steel mills?
Through the application of nano thermal insulation board to the converter of Angang No.4 steel-making plant; ( 1 ) The nano heat insulation plate doe not appear pulverization phenomenon and the converter shell is not deform after being used at a high temperature, and the temperature of the furnace shell is reduce by more than 11 deg c compared with that of the polycrystalline fiberboard, so that the safety of the lining is improved, the heat loss of the converter is reduced, the smelting time is reduced, the labor intensity is reduced, the maintenance cost is saved, and the heat efficiency of the converter is improved, and the nano heat insulation plate has important significance for steelmaking production. ( 2 ) Each converter can save more than 50 t of molten iron and save more than 100,000 yuan of cost all the year round; Due to the expansion of converter capacity ratio, each steel loading increased 4 t, the annual output of each converter can increase 47.52 million t, increase the output value of 95.04 million yuan, has obvious economic benefits....
What are the characteristics of nano aerogel insulation felt? How?
1.1Thermal conductivity of nanometer aerogel insulation felt Aerogel is a kind of nano-pore network structure formed by the mutual aggregation of colloidal particles or polymer molecules. the common nano-aerogel insulation felt is a highly dispersed solid material composed of SiO _ 2 Network skeleton and gas filled in nano - pores. Has more than 80 percent of porosity, and the pore diameters of the nano aerogel thermal insulation felts are mesopores between 2 and 50 nm formed by interconnecting nano network frameworks, the density is only 30 to 100 kg / m3, and the thermal conductivity of the nano aerogel thermal insulation felts is only 0102 w / ( m k ) at normal temperature. Therefore, nano aerogel insulation felt is a typical lightweight and excellent thermal insulation material. 1.2 Transmission characteristics of aerogel insulation felt At high temperature, the thermal radiation energy of infrared ray with wavelength less than 8μm will almost pass through aerogel, which leads to the sharp rise of thermal conductivity of nano aerogel insulation felt. in order to reduce the thermal conductivity of radiation, it is necessary to compound the opacifier which can absorb or scatter infrared light in nano aerogel insulation felt. common infrared opacifiers are carbon black, TiO _ 2 and so on....
Application example of nano aerogel insulation felt
Nano - aerogel insulation felt is the best choice for equipment that requires insulation while also requiring small volume and light weight. Such as steel ladles, torpedo cans, tundish and the like in the metallurgical industry, the expansion increment of the equipment can be realized by utilizing the nano aerogel thermal insulation felt on the premise of not changing the steel structure, and meanwhile, good thermal insulation effect can be achieved. Nano aerogel insulation blanket was used to replace the traditional insulation board on a 100 ton ladle in a steel plant ...
What are the characteristics of nano aerogel insulation felt
Nano aerogel thermal insulation felt is a kind of controllable structure of nano porous lightweight material, it has the characteristics of nano structure ( pores 1 ~ 100 nm, skeleton particles 1 ~ 20 nm ), large surface area ( up to 800 ~ 1000 m2 / g ), high porosity ( up to 80 % ~ 99.8 % ) and so on. The unique structural characteristics of nano aerogel insulation felt make aerogel have singular properties in thermal, electrical, acoustic, optical and other aspects. The thermal conductivity of the nano aerogel thermal insulation felt can reach below 0.013 w / ( m k ), which is far lower than the thermal conductivity of air at normal temperature of 0.025 w / ( m k ). the nano aerogel thermal insulation felt is one of the best thermal insulation properties of all solid materials, and has the advantages of low density, water resistance, flame retardance, green environmental protection, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, difficult aging and long service life, which are incomparable to other traditional materials. the nano aerogel thermal insulation felt has high added value, so the nano aerogel thermal insulation felt is called a super thermal insulation material, and has great application potential in many fields, such as building energy conservation, environmental protection, aerospace, oil pipelines, solar heat collection and furnaces...
Why are nano heat shields so popular ?
The energy consumption of iron and steel production accounts for about 10 % of the total energy consumption in China. energy conservation in iron and steel industry will bring fundamental benefits to the cause of energy conservation and environmental protection in the whole society. Heat insulation material is an important component of steel production equipment, which has a great impact on equipment energy consumption. Nano thermal insulation board is considered as the best known thermal insulation effect of high temperature materials, has been gradually accepted and applied in steel-making equipment, greatly reduce the surface temperature of equipment, significantly reduce the heat loss of equipment, improve product quality, improve production efficiency, reduce the production cost of steel. The thermal insulation effect of the nano thermal insulation board is 2 - 10 times of that of the traditional thermal insulation material, and the nano thermal insulation board is a novel material which is developed based on the microporous thermal insulation principle and mainly comprises superfine silicon dioxide powder with the diameter of 7 - 20 nm, a mixed thermal radiation shielding material, high-strength superfine fiber, high-temperature shrinkage resistant material and the like, and is pressed by a special process. The surface of the product is covered with glass fiber cloth, aluminum foil, plastic film, etc., and the common forms are flat plate type, felt type, roller shutter type, block type, etc. Flat type for flat wall or arc is not too big furnace wall, felt type can be used for steel ladle and other space has strict restrictions on equipment, roller shutter type is mainly used for piping system....
Industrial furnace nano insulation board how to use?
Industrial furnace steel plate surface generally have anchor nail, generally spread a layer of 25 mm ceramic fiber blanket, and then lay the nano heat insulation board, nano heat insulation board with fiber cloth, aluminum foil package, generally can be in the anchor nail position drilling, through the anchor nail close to the ceramic fiber blanket, pay attention to in the process of installation as far as possible don't make the nano heat insulation board crack, more or less affect the heat insulation performance, out of the powder as far as possible to fill back, in addition to need to cut, with high temperature tape paper wrapped tightly....
What are the areas in which nano heat shields can be used ?
Nano - thermal insulation board are the best high-temperature insulation materials, with plate-like and special - shaped. The product is widely used, including heating furnace, test furnace, black box, elevator fire door, electric ceramic furnace heating plate, ship, machinery, casting, metallurgy and other thermal equipment. But also can be apply to refrigeration equipment, and that cooling retention effect is quite obvious....